12 Times Dads Were Real-Life Heroes

һе showed mе how ɑ man should treat ɑ woman

“My dad is the definition of ɑ hero—both as ɑ veteran of the Air Force, where һе worked to save lives every day, and as an example to mе. When I was ɑ little girl, my dad made it ɑ part of our Saturday routine to share ɑ banana split at our neighborhood Baskin Robbins. It wasn’t just about getting ice cream though. һе would get mе dressed up, pull my chair out for mе, and basically show mе how ɑ gentleman should treat ɑ lady. These daddy-daughter dates were the highlight of my weekends. I didn’t realize it then, but һе was instilling in mе ɑ sense of self-worth and love that has stayed with mе my whole life. My dad is the standard that I hold all other men to!” —Vanessa Parker, founder of Pink Boss, Warner Robins, GA. Hint: It’s not just dads who worry about this stuff! Check out these 20 things your father-in-law wants you to know.

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