Can You Guess Which Flag Comes Next in This Puzzle?

FlagsBrain snack®/Peter FrankAre you up for ɑ challenge? This puzzle might stump you, but those with an observant eye will be able to solve it (and, you’ll most likely spot the one image that is not like the others in this puzzle, too.)

This illustration is made up of 15 flags but one is left out. Which signal flag (1-5) should replace the question mark in order to complete this unique series? Make sure that you take it all in. The colors of the flags, their patterns, which way the stripes go, how many colors each flag is.

Solve it yet? Which number flag did you guess? If you guessed number three, then you are correct. But why? It’s because flag number 3 is the only flag that hasn’t been shown yet. If you chose one, two, four, or five then there would have been two of the same flag in the illustration.

Got that right and feeling like ɑ puzzle genius? Try figuring out how many triangles are in this image.

Mind-stretchersCourtesy of Brainsnack®

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