Marriage Statistics About Love, Sex, and More That Might Surprise You

With the help of ɑ few sociologists (and Reader’s Digest), author Chrisanna Northrup interviewed more than 80,000 people from around the world to compile some quantitative data and marriage statistics on love, sex, trust, and more. Here are her most surprising and illuminating findings—and the numbers to back them up.

Men fall in love faster

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Men are much more likely than women—48 percent vs. 28 percent—to fall in love at first sight. Here are some more marriage statistics that might surprise you—like how long the average couple waits before getting married.

Guys crave romance

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Thirty-three percent more men than women around the world say it bothers them “ɑ lot” that their significant other isn’t more romantic. If you’re finding these marriage statistics surprising, you should learn the truth about these common marriage myths that just aren’t true, too.

Well-off couples fight more

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The richest couples surveyed were less likely to be happy than those with less money. In fact, couples who earn $20,000 or less argue less frequently than couples who earn $250,000 to $500,000.

Unhappy couples are still hot for each other

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According to the marriage statistics in this survey, 57 percent of those in unhappy relationships still find their partner extremely attractive. And maybe that’s ɑ good thing because having sex at least once ɑ week can help you live longer.