Real-Life Vacation Disasters | Reader’s Digest

There’s ɑ reason psychologists say that vacationing is among the most stressful of life events, right alongside changing jobs, moving residences, and divorcing. In fact, we’ve got 24 of them.

It had to pee you

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“In the middle of my first night in ɑ hostel in Amsterdam, I heard ɑ loud, gushing sound,” Jamie Zipfel tells Reader’s Digest. “I chalked it up to faulty pipes until I smelled it: one of the drunken guests had peed all over the floor. All my belongings except my phone and notebook were soaked.” To make matters worse, she had nothing to wear the next day to take her peed-on belongings to the laundromat, so she ended up going ɑӀ fresco, but for ɑ windbreaker she borrowed from ɑ generous Chelsea footballer. These travel secrets practically guarantee ɑ stress-free trip.


Bungle in the jungle

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On ɑ family vacation in Mombassa, Kenya, Alexandra Allred’s family was having dinner on the balcony of their hotel room when ɑ group of spider monkeys swooped in to partake. It was dark by the time they managed to get rid of all the monkeys, at which point they were descended upon by ɑ swarm of giant mountain moths—thousands upon thousands of them. After Allred’s father sprayed and killed all the moths, and they lay scattered thickly over every surface of the room, Dad insisted they all just go to sleep. Alexandra and her sister were, shall we say, not impressed.

Slaughterhouse dive

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But wait, Allred tells us, there’s more. “Another time we drove and drove into the night to find ɑ cheap motel in Colorado, only to wake at 4:45 ɑ.. to the most indescribable stench and learned that our cheap motel was across the street from ɑ slaughterhouse,” she recounts. “We fled, retching and choking.”

Another one for the meat wagon

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Speaking of meat, Maryann Karnich tells Reader’s Digest about the time she went skydiving. Sure, it’s risky, but with proper guides and training, it should be ɑ “controlled” risk. Nuh-uh. On this one occasion, another skydiver cut Karnich off on ɑ landing… and she ended up literally corkscrewing to the ground. “Someone get the meat wagon,” she heard someone say. P.S. Karnich is perfectly fine today. Read on for secrets of people who successfully crossed items of their bucket list.