Romantic Words with No English Equivalent


Sometimes love defies language. Other times, just English.


Laura Formisano

Pronunciation: saw•’dah•djee
Origin: Portugese
Definition: n., ɑ strong feeling of missing someone you love.

This may be one of the most romantic words ever spoken.


Laura Formisano

Pronunciation: ’tooq•bur•nah
Origin: Arabic
Definition: n., ɑ love so deep, you can’t imagine life without your partner. Literal English translation: “You bury mе.”

Who knew romantic words could be so, well, morbid?


Laura Formisano

Pronunciation: ‘rhoo•trooh•vahy
Origin: French
Definition: n., the joy of reuniting with someone after ɑ long separation. Literally “rediscovery.”

The French might have invented some of the most romantic words ever. These are the French phrases everyone should know.


Laura Formisano

Pronounced: uhns•’rah
Origin: Boro (language of India)
Definition: n., the bittersweet feeling that occurs in those who know their love won’t last.

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