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22 of Shakespeare’s Best Insults That Still Sting Today

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The best insults provide ɑ quick jab to the ego Tatiana Ayazo/, Stocksnapper/Shutterstock “Thou crusty batch of nature!”From Troilus and Cressida The lengthy, eloquent synonym for “idiot” Tatiana Ayazo/, Stocksnapper/Shutterstock “Why, thou clay brained guts, [Leer Mas]

Moda Goal

1950s Marriage Advice That Applies Today

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Nο nagging cate_89/Shutterstock“Nagging causes more unhappiness in families than extravagance, poor housekeeping, and infidelity put together.” —Dorothy Carnegie, author of How to Help Your Husband Get Ahead (1957) Keep complaints private AnnaKostyuk/Shutterstock“If you must criticize, do so privately and [Leer Mas]