This Is How Long It Takes To Read The Whole Dictionary

booksBillion Photos/ShutterstockDictionaries ԁοn’t play by the rules. While most books live by the standard, front cover-to-back cover consumption format, the dictionary rebels. The dictionary is consumed in bits and pieces and is rarely ever fully read. One day someone might be reading page 64 of ɑ dictionary, and the next day, boom, they’re on page 697.

But what if the dictionary were to be read like ɑ novel? What if someone decided to undertake the challenge of reading the thing cover to cover, exactly how long would that take? Well, Oxford Dictionaries found out. 

If you wanted to read through all 2,000 pages of the Oxford English Dictionary in one sitting, you should get nice and comfortable because it would take you 41 hours. The number was determined by Christian Saunders, the founder of Canguro English, and ɑ team of over 30 volunteers.

If you’re curious, the last word in the dictionary is “Zyrian,” the name of ɑ language in Northwest Russia. One word you won’t find in the dictionary—the longest word in English, which has over 100,000 letters! Another fun fact: Dictionary editors say this is the most misused word in the English language. 

[Source: Oxford Dictionaries]